Week 13

West of Memphis Critical Thinking Project

Wrapping up WM3

This week we will be wrapping up our lesson on West of Memphis. So far, I've really enjoyed reading your discussion posts—you've all brought up a lot of interesting points that side with the filmmakers and also disprove them. This lets me know that you are all looking very closely at all the evidence and using your critical thinking skills to come up with some unique ideas.

For this week I've provided a powerpoint, a few new articles, and videos to help you with your projects, which will focus on the Alford Plea. This is a very unique plea where you still claim you are innocent, but will enter a plea of guilty to lower your charge. Your job is to investigate the details of the plea, find other cases that dealt with it, and decide whether it was the best options for them—and of course, why.

You'll be taking a break from writing (but not citing) and develop a infographic on the topic. I've provided two websites that can help you build your submission, or if you are artsy—feel free to create one on your own.

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Objectives for this Week

  • Read and view the materials
  • Create your Alford Plea Infographic
What's Next:

The remaining weeks of the semester will be spent working on your final projects. Instructions will be posted next Sunday.