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Pre-Service "Reboot"

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If a candidate began Pre Service prior to March 2021​, the coursework completed is not fully aligned with current content and requirements. TCSJ occasionally modifies program​s based on current standards, requirements and identified needs. In 2021, the Pre-Service coursework was significantly modified to ensure a successful and well-articulated transition into the IMPACT Program at TCSJ.


Anyone who ​enrolled in our Pre-Service between 2016 and March 2021 will need to take three additional classes EDUC101, EDUC102 and EDUC103 (6 units) ​in order to enroll in the IMPACT program. Anyone who completed pre-service prior to 2016 will need a personalized advisement and will, at a minimum, need the same three courses listed above and others as deemed necessary.


$440* ($115/6 units - $250 discount)

*Candidates who completed pre-service prior to 2018 may need to take more than 6 units, therefore, the cost will be determined at advisement.


If you are interested in participating in the February Pre-Service “Reboot,” complete THIS INTEREST FORM.


We understand that this news may be ​disappointing, but we are confident that these additional courses will ensure you a successful transition into the IMPACT Program. As an added benefit, the extra units will help you move over on the teacher salary schedule!


If you have any questions, reach out to our Admissions team at tcsjadmissions@sjcoe.net or (209) 468-4926.
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