ELC Newsletter

November 14th, 2014

Parent Teacher Conferences

Thanks so much for the great sharing everyone. Parents heard a lot of great news about where their son /daughter is at and what they are working on and towards. It was wonderful to see the PALS discussion letters, and letting everyone know specifically what strengths their child has, as well as what skill comes next. Whenever we can get an opportunity to share with parents, the relationships only continue to build. Thanks everyone again for the in depth conversations you had!

We Say Thank You and Wish You Well

Thank you to Mrs. Jessica Miller for the time she has spent with us and the great work she did with the students in Mrs. Brandt's class. It sounds like a wonderful opportunity, but also a completely different career that you are taking up. We will miss you, and your outstanding documentation. We have deep shoes to fill!

We also say thank you to Mrs. Janice Hau. She has spent the last month here working in many capacities. This is not goodbye, and she will still be working here in the District, but now at some different buildings for the next months! We know she still loves being here and will return. Thanks so much Janice!

Welcoming in the New!

As we say good bye, we also feel blessed to welcome Mrs. Tammy Koepke. Tammy has a Master's Degree in Early Childhood Special Education and has just returned to this area. She taught last in Germany, but spent time in other places out of state where her husband was stationed. She was able to come in Thursday and job shadow, and she will start on Monday, November 17th! We are excited to have her here working with us at the Early Learning Center!

Kiwanis Presentation of Mini iPad

The Morning Kiwanis and Mr. Gary Miller came on Thursday afternoon to present one of our kindergarten students with a mini iPad. The Wisconsin-Upper Michigan Kiwanis District Governor selected the iPad donations as the Project during his reign in office. Families fill out an application and with recommendations from schools are given the mini iPad, protective case, and a $50.00 in iTunes Gift Cards to buy application programs. Mrs. Milanowski recommended some apps, and Rocket Speller was one that was both entertaining and educational. Thank you Mrs. Guelig, Mrs. Bartelt, Mrs. Milanowski, and again to the Morning Kiwanis Club for your support for children with Autism. What a great early Christmas gift for this student and family!

Upcoming Dates

November 26, 27, 28: No School

December 1: Curriculum Steering Committee at 2:45

December 2: ELC Staff meeting at 7:45

December 4: 4K Staff Meeting at 7:00

December 12: Early Release at 1:10

December 24th- January 2nd, 2015: No School

My Out of Building Times

11/17: 7;15 PST at FLC; Interviews in afternoon

11/18: 9:00 Meeting with Melanie Cowling; 10:00 Admin Meeting; 2:30 LFI meeting at MPTC, then back here for IEP

11/19: BAMS BCT; 2:45 IEP at BAMS

11/21: 7:45 FLC Special Education Dept. Meeting; then back at ELC all day