By Noah DeCosta

Where Its found on the periodic table

Radium's symbol is Ra

Radium can be found on the periodic table in the second column, last row.

Radium has 88 protons, 88 electrons, and 138 neutrons.

It resides in group 2, period 7, and is part of the Alkaline-earth metals family.

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Radium was discovered in 1898 when Marie Currie and Pierre Currie extracted it from ten tonnes of uranium ore. They realized it was a new element because its atomic spectrum revealed new lines


Radium isn't used for much except treating prostate cancer that has spread to bones because it is highly radioactive.

Physical and Chemical Properties

Radium is a soft, shiny, and silvery metal.

It has a density of 5000 kg m‑3

It has a boiling point of 1500ºC, and a melting point of 696ºC.

Where Radium is found

Radium was first found in Bohemia. Some can also be found in the Carnotite sands of Colorado, as well as Zaire, Africa and the Great Bear Lake region of Canada.