First #MichED Chat of 2016! 1/6/16

Questions, questions, questions

Join Connie Hamilton (@conniehamilton) as she moderates the discussion on questioning in the classroom.

Q1: What role do questions play in the learning process?

Q2: How can questioning be used to increase engagement?

Q3: What techniques or tools can be used to solicit responses to questions from all students?

Q4: Depth of questions are important. How can both low-level and high-level questions be used in the classroom?

Q5: How can we pose (deliever, ask) questions, regardless of level of depth, more effective for learning?

Q6: What are the biggest challenges to crafting higher level questions for students?

Q7: What are some strategies for IDK responses?

Wednesday, Jan. 6th, 8-9pm

This is an online event.

Chat norms:

1. Follow the moderator.

2. Questions are tweeted out with "Q" and question number.

3. Respond with "A" and corresponding question number at the front of your tweet.

4. Don't forget the hashtag! #miched

5. Use an app that allows you to follow more than one stream. Set a column for #miched

  • Favorite tools include Tweetdeck and HootSuite

6. Follow those you connected with and/or learned from to grow your PLN.