Letter From the Principal

Elkhart Elementary January 2020

Begin Again

In all honesty I had to delete the date under the title because like a lot of us I will be putting 2019 as the year until about March. It is very hard to believe that it is the year 2020...20 years since graduating high school, 15 years since graduating college, 10 years since being somewhat of a newlywed and beginning a new adventure in East Texas and career change into education. It is true what they say 'the days sometimes are long, but the years go by too fast.'

With the turn of a new year always comes the opportunity to begin again. Some people begin to eat healthy again, workout again, go to church again, or start replacing bad habits with good ones. It is nice knowing that the slate is wiped clean and we can begin again.

Here at Elkhart Elementary we are going to begin again, but what is nice is that we are going to keep pressing on with many of the excellent practices we have been practicing for years. As soon as the students show up we will begin again to love them, teach them, shape them, and lead them to a broader vision of what they can accomplish in the future. Elkhart Elementary has been and will continue to be a Great Place to Learn in 2020. We thank you for granting us the opportunity to be a part of your students' lives as we Reach for the Stars in 2020.

Christmas Fun

The last week of school was full of all sorts of Christmas Fun at Elkhart Elementary! We had a Christmas Store on campus, carolers from the Intermediate School, a Christmas concert from the High School Band, grade level sing-a-longs, and class parties. These were a wonderful time of spreading holiday cheer and of showing support for our students. The amount of parental support during all of these events was awesome to see. We are so appreciative of the level of involvement from all of our parents and of our teachers to plan these fun events for our school. It is because of all this involvement and planning that Elkhart Elementary continues to be a Great Place to Learn.

Fall AR Celebrations

At Elkhart Elementary we believe that 'Readers are Leaders' and so with this belief in mind we make a big deal of celebrating reading achievements for our students. Each six weeks we have an AR (Accelerated Reader) celebration for those 1st and 2nd grade students that meet the criteria of points earned and passing rates on the tests. The students look forward to these celebrations and really push themselves to hit these targets. For the 3rd six weeks the students that met the criteria were allowed to celebrate with a breakfast party in the hallways. This was s great time for them to relax and have a good time. We also have marks set for the students to meet to be able to attend the Fall AR Celebration. This year these students were taken to GForce Gymnastics center and given 4 hours to play on the equipment there. It was a lot of fun!! We look forward to celebrating these next couple of six weeks with the students and have a great Spring semester celebration party set up. Thanks for all of your support in pushing our students to excellence in reading.

Upcoming Events

January 7th - 4th six weeks begins; Pre-K begin CLI Testing Wave 2

January 9th - Report Cards go home; Head Start Parent Meeting @ 6pm; Tutorials

January 14th - Tutorials (teachers will send home letter if your student is supposed to stay)

January 16th - Tutorials

January 20th - School Holiday for MLK Day; staff and students out

January 21st - Tutorials

January 23rd - Tutorials

January 24th - Progress Reports go home

January 27th - January Board Meeting @ 7pm in the High School Library

January 28th - Tutorials

January 30th - 100th Day of School Celebration; Tutorials

**Kindergarten G/T Nominations are open and will close on January 24th. The nominations can be completed in the Elkhart Elementary Office.

**Our character word for this six weeks is Caring and so our students will be learning about how to be caring and we will be looking for ways they are being caring around school.

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