5 major religions

Five major religions of the world


Christianity is monotheistic. They believe one god created the world and everything. A brief history is god made everything in seven days and on the seventh day was when he rested.The holy book is the bible, the sacred day is Sunday or sabbath day, holidays are Christmas and lent. And praying is the ritual.




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Hinduism has multiple gods like Vishnu and Shiva. Their holy book is the Hindus their holidays are Holi.And puja is a major practiced ritual in Hinduism. In the religion 3 gods keep balance in the world.



In Judaism they believe in one god and that they wait for Jesus's resseruction. They read the Torah and celebrate Hanukkah. They pray like Christians but follow the old testaments. And their story of their religion is the same as Christianity.


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Is believes in one god, Allah. Their holy book is the Koran and Eid al fatir is the name of their holiday. The five pillars of Islam is the popular ritual. It is almost like Christianity but the prophet Muhammad served the holy lands for Allah.


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