Thunderstorms Uncovered



The cloud that this Thunderstorm happens in is a cumulonimbus cloud.This cloud is shaped like an anvil.
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A lot of warnings are on the news saying severe Thunderstorms.This means stay inside and be ready for power outages.
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Thunderstorms happens in the Troposphere.Some things are:
  • Thunder
  • Lightning
  • Heavy Rain


Most Thunderstorm clouds form over advancing air masses.Like the city, cities have big lightning strikes because tall buildings and advancing air masses.
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Destruction can happen if there are violent winds,tornadoes,and large hail stones.
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Supercell Thunderstorm

Super cell's are basically tornado's.Tornado's are smaller than the Cumulonimbus cloud.

Scales of Severity

This storm does have a scale of severity like on the news it says different colors on the screen like green means not very strong and pink is very strong.
Thunderstorm sept 2 2013