Michigan State University


I chose Michigan State University because I have family who lives close to this college. I can stay with them while i go to school, this way i won't have to pay for room and board. I need a degree in wildlife management and biology to improve my chances in my job application process. It is located in Lansing Michigan. Some fun things to do in Lansing are laser tag and skiing.There is a lot more to do compared to Grants Pass.

School Info

Michigan State University is located in Lansing Michigan.

For a bachelors degree, it estimated my price will be $173,000 in costs.

I have to do good on my placement tests, and have a good GPA to get in.

50,000 students are enrolled here.

Student to faculty ratio is 17:1


  • Lansing Michigan
  • Fun things- laser tag, go karts, skiing, a lot more as well
  • Snowy in the winter, and mild in the summer. Tornadoes and Flooding, 50 inches of snow annually
  • Flat, but not desert, plains and rolling hills.

Future Goals

My future goals are to be a game warden for Oregon. To do this I will need to become a state trooper, which means going to college and getting my bachelors degree in any field related to being a game warden. This will be a really fun and entertaining job, that i can do what I love everyday. I will take classes like wilderness survival and stuff to prepare me.