Going from Serfdom to Industrialization

Ivan IV

Ivan IV is also known as Ivan the Terrible. He changed poor farmers' rights in the 1500's. The people that disagreed with his method of running things he would kill and give their land to people who honored his ways. The land that those people owned needed it farmed so Ivan made laws that forced peasants to farm the land as serfs, (and they did not get wages). The serfs could have their own house and small land that they could farm but they still have to pay rent. Then Czar Alexander ll came along and freed the serfs from Ivan IV's control and this act led to the Industrial Revolution.

The Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution started in Russia in the 1890's. In 1913 it was the fifth biggest industrial nation in the world. Everyone basically worked on farms or the country and it was hard for people to change to factory jobs. The people that did work for the factories were poor, and some of them were serfs. The workers then became upset about their work conditions so they started strikes.

V.I. Lenin

V.I. Lenin was a politician. He led a group called the Bolsheviks. He wanted the serfs to control the government and industry. Then the Bolsheviks started the Russian Revolution on February of 1917 and overthrew the government in Russia. Then V.I. Lenin became the new government in Russia.

By: Elise Schreiner