Jill's Mission Adventure

November 2013

And the verdict is . . .

Ukraine! God is sending me to Ukraine! I'm so excited, and also excited about being excited! The time leading up to this decision has been challenging and stretching in many ways. God had challenged me to surrender everything and go wherever He calls me. A big piece of my heart is held by the Thai people (where I served on TREK in 2011-2012), and it breaks a little when I think of not going there. But Jesus specifically called me to surrender Thailand. He has repeatedly told me that He loves the Thai people more than I can imagine, and for that reason I know I can trust His plan. I had (and have) full confidence that God would give me a passion for the people He sent me to. But how would I know what country He was calling me to? Someone once told me that it's easier to see God's call when we look back. I first heard about the work in Ukraine at an Action team debrief this June. I heard stories, and saw pictures, and spent time interceding for the country and people. Since this summer, I began to "picture" what it would be like to live and serve in Ukraine. And even though I didn't know Ukraine was even a possibility, God had planted a seed in my heart. When the idea of serving in Ukraine was presented to me by MB Mission leadership, it immediately felt right. I felt my heart expanding to love a whole new people group. So to Ukraine I will go!

What's next?

I have less than 5 weeks left here in Abbotsford. The focus on our training for the next couple weeks will be World Views, and Evangelism. I will also be spending time researching the country and history of Ukraine and learning about the work being done there, and perhaps I'll make a goal of learning the Russian alphabet. The details of the journey towards Ukraine are still being developed, so I'll include those in my next update, so stay tuned!

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for focus and discipline as I finish out the last 5 weeks in Abbotsford
  • Pray for details that need to come together regarding the next phase of my training and support raising
  • Pray that God would continue to expand my heart for the people of Ukraine

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