RESERVATION finally open!

Wraps will be dispatched starting from the 31st July, 2016

Please follow the link within this flyer to reserve your 2016 SMP

'...a strikingly beautiful cornucopia of paisleys and sugar skulls ornamented with pretty lacy trimmings and fine details all intricately woven together in a sateen weave similar to our highly sought after 2014 SMP noir. The reservation process will be with a small fee (£20) that will also count towards the cost of whatever size you choose and there will also be a ‘full payment’ option for those who’d rather order at once.
Pricing (Ring-sling: £80 Size 4: £95 , Size 5: £100, Size 6: £110,Size 7: £125)

Invoices for the balance of the 'part-payment' option will be sent 4 weeks before our planned dispatch date.

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Like all our woven wraps, these will be locally woven, sewn and hand-packaged here in the north of the United Kingdom. The colour matching, yarns selection, CAD design and subsequent weaving will be done within one weaving house under expert supervision. We are proud to say that our 2016 SMPs like our SMP aurantiaco/marguerite and noir is 100% grade A high-end quality with a reasonably affordable price tag.

This SMP design in this wrap is slightly different to the our original weave (purple, clematis and jewel) because of the extra lacy designs around the cross bones in the design and the weave is jacquard sateen weave that gives that radiant shine on the front side of the wrap and then an impressively embroidered weave on the odd side of the wrap (more photos to come) . However, both sides of our wraps are wearable so you get to have two in one value from your wrap

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Blend: 100% Long staple Egyptian cotton

Weave structure: luxurious sateen jacquard on the right side with a more textured weave on the other side

Dimensions: : 26 inches wide approximately by variable length

Our post weaving finishing is done in Yorkshire and we have heavily invested in a tumble steam finishing that helps to further soften our wraps and then remove any weaving yarn residues. We then move our wraps to Rochdale where our husband and wife team of tailors then chop and sew our jacquard fabrics into your woven wraps.

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About Joy and Joe baby®

In the midst of an exciting era where babywearing is getting very popular, we created Joy and Joe baby® to radically rethink the way wraps carriers are designed and presented to customers.
Over time, we have garnered a reputation for creating durable wrap slings that are also very stylish for parents to wear and most importantly very comfortable and safe for children.
Drawing from our life experiences of nurturing our children from their difficult beginnings in the neonatal ward, we are keen to promote the advantages and joys of carrying and holding babies close to a wider audience.
We continue to infuse a hand finished craftsmanship with a modern style into our wraps, offering mums and dads a very enjoyable wrap carrier that is refreshingly authentic and reliable.