Who is Shiloh?

Shiloh is a beagle dog that gets mistreated by his owner and runs away. Marty, a teen boy in the story, sees him in the street and takes him home. Judd (the original owner of Shiloh) finds out that Shiloh is missing, so he goes looking for him.

Who is Marty?

Marty is a teen boy that lives in the neighborhood. When he finds Shiloh in the street he feels sorry for him and takes him home. He takes care of him until Judd finds out that Marty has Shiloh...
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Who is Judd?

Judd mistreats Shiloh badly so the dog runs away. When Judd did find out that Marty took Shiloh, they get into a huge argument and fight over Shiloh.
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Shiloh gets mistreated by his owner Judd. Shiloh runs away and Marty sees him in the street and takes him home. Judd finds out that Marty took Shiloh, and that's where the fight begins.


The best audience for this book are teens that like dogs.


This book is a very good book.

This book has fantastic drama.

I really dont like this book but I really do think a lot of other poeple will love it.


"In the tradition of Sounder and Where the Red Fern Grows comes this boy-and-his-dog story set in rural West Virginia. When he finds a mistreated beagle pup, 11-year-old Marty knows that the animal should be returned to its rightful owner. But he also realizes that the dog will only be further abused. So he doesn't tell his parents about his discovery, sneaks food for the dog and gets himself into a moral dilemma in trying to do the right thing. Without breaking new ground, Marty's tale is well told, with a strong emphasis on family and religious values. This heartwarming novel should win new fans for the popular Naylor." Ages 8-12.By:

Publisher's Weekly


"I think this book received a Newbery Award, because it shows how much an 11 year old can accomplish, if he tries. He managed to build a pen, feed the dog, teach Judd how to treat his animals better, and finally earned the dog for his family. I liked this book, as I thought it was an interesting plot about a boy trying to save a dog on his own." By: Youngzine


I recommend this book to all teens that like dogs. This book will make you like dogs and be more protective of your dog. This is a great book, I dont really like because it wasn't very entertaining to me, but I think it's good .

The Book!

The book is a very satisfing book. It will inspire you. It is the best book you'll ever read and its very cheap ($5.00). "Shiloh is a winner of the Newbery Medal and a classic of children. I recommend it to kids of all ages...from 9 to 99." You can buy it now in every store near you hurry cause they going away fast.