A Walk to Remember

By: Nicholas Sparks

Which do you prefer?

The novel A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks


The film production of A Walk to Remember directed by Adam Shankman



1) One difference between the book and movie is the movie adds four characters to the story that the book does not portray, and the movie forgot one character from the book. The book and the movie have completely different story lines but have the same concept. The book had two main friend characters to Landon. Margaret and Eric were the two main friends in the book. The movie added more of a friend group to the character Landon. For example, an ex girlfriend named Belinda and a best friend named Dean. The significance to this difference is the friend group character's define who Landon is before Jamie changes Landon and the book it is more focused on Landon and Jamie's relationship.

2) Another difference in characters with the book and the movie is the character the movie added named, Clay Gephardt. This character in the movie set up the whole story line of the movie because Landon and his friends challenged Clay to jump into a pond from a high platform. Clay ended up getting hurt and from Landon's punishment they met and started their love story. The book never has this in it's story line and Landon and Jamie's love story does not start because of Landon's punishment. The significance to this difference is because the book and movie have two different ways that Landon and Jamie started their relationship. The book is more descriptive in words and they fall in love more slowly than the movie.


3) The book begins with Landon Carter at age 57 remember how his life changed when he was 17 by one girl. In the movie it begins with a mean prank pulled by Landon and his friends when he was 17 and eventually checks back with Landon when he is 21 years old. The book is a completely a flashback remembering how his life changed forever by his one true love. This difference is significant because it is a completely different way to tell the love story. The book goes into detail with the perspective of Landon Carter and the movie goes into more of just telling the story with a narrator. The movie takes away the meaning of Landon's point of view of how is life changed.

4) In the book Jamie informs Landon of her dream to marry. Throughout the whole movie as Landon and Jamie's relationship unfolds, Jamie slowly reveals items on her bucket list that she wants to accomplish before she dies. Throughout the whole movie Landon is fulfilling those for her and her number one was to get married in the church who parents did. The movie showed more meaning with this concept because it showed how he kept fulfilling her list. This is a big significance because this shows the importance of Landon and Jamie's relationship. The movie shows Landon's feelings through these different acts of kindness of helping her achieve her list of things to do and the book shows Landon's feelings for her through his words and his act of marrying her.

5) In the book Landon's parents are happily married and his father is into politics. Their father son relationship is just like any other, the father always wanting what is best for the son. But, in the movie Landon's parents are divorced and his relationship with his father is really rocky. His father is a doctor in the movie. Their relationship is important in the movie because after finding out Jamie is sick and she is not responding to treatment he turns to his father for any help or hope. His father ends up providing help for Jamie to be cared for at home instead of in the hospital. His dads help is a turning point in their rocky relationship. In the book their relationship is not as meaningful to the story line as in the movie.