Parkside Elementary Fourth Grade

May 9th - 13th, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!!

Fourth Grade Teachers wish you the best Mother's Day ever!!

Thank You from Fourth Grade Teachers:)

Ms. Burrus, Ms. Davis and Ms. Perry want to thank all of you for a wonderful Teacher Appreciation Week...we received cards, candy, flowers and more!! Thank you for your generosity and kindness!!


This week in math we will be studying customary and metric measurements. The students will need to be able to make conversions within each type of measurement. Last week students received a study guide for the customary units of measure. This week they will receive a study guide for the metric units of measure. Students will have a quiz on these units of measure on Friday, May 13th. Please make sure your student is studying these measurements each night. They will not be allowed to use their notes on this quiz.

In addition to the new learning that we are doing, we are in the process of reteaching/retesting our fraction unit. Please be on the lookout for test corrections to be coming home later this week for our fractions assessment.

We are also spending time each day spiraling EOG review. This week we are focusing on fractions. Please check over your child's math homework daily. Each day your child is practicing using different strategies in order to solve these math problems.

Please remind your student to come prepare to class each day. We are running very low on pencils. Please make sure your child has at least 3 pencils in their pencil pouch daily.


This week brings another week of EOG Test Taking Strategies and Skills review. This week we are reviewing the skills related to looking at theme of dramas (RL 4.2) and explaining the difference between poems, drama, and prose and refer to the structural elements of each (RL 4.5). The following website has some great info in regards to theme as well as a few practice pages.

Students did not bring home their NC Ready booklet this past Thursday. They will bring it home this WEDNESDAY for you to view/review. Remember, if the book does not return there will be a $12 fee to replace it. We use this booklet in class daily, so it must return.

Science, Social Studies and Health

We will be studying for the Science and Social Studies EOG (Joeys) from now until the end of May. I will be reviewing and making study guides for both subjects.

In Science we will be working on two projects. The first is making a plant in a water bottle. Our in class ecosystem. When they sprout I will send them home to plant (coleus seeds are going to be used). The second project, also in class, will be to create a new animal using two animals to make a new species. Then make a poster with the animal's habitat, food, shelter and more.

In Health we learned all about Bike Safety for the summer and will have a quiz about how to be safe.

Social Studies is review, review, review!! Look for practice quizzes that will become study guides. I am still grading the International Projects, which by the way were awesome! Grades will be in soon...

Blue Folders and Leader in Me Behaviors!

As a team we will collect folders on Friday morning and check for signatures during our planning time. As we are able, we will check the folders of students who are below green daily. We will continue to have students clip down/up when incidents occur during block classes.

Please check the blue folders by Thursday night and initial the behaviors for the week. I suggested what my daughter did so I would sign any papers for her, put the papers on "your pillow" with a writing utensil and you can't go to sleep until it is signed:)

Thank you for helping us help your child be a Leader!!

Hooray for All Blocks on the Social Studies Government Test!!

Congratulations to all students!! The scores on the Government test were awesome:) Thanks parents for helping your child use the study guide and be a success!! Ms. D

Upcoming Dates...

May 9th SLT Meeting @ 5:30
May 9th PTA Board Meeting @ 6:30
May 12th Single Mom's Night @ 6:30 Mallard Creek Rec Center
May 20th Parent's Night Out 6:00-9:00
May 20th Field Day
Contact our PE teacher Mr. Cole to volunteer!!
May 26th Third Grade EOG
May 26th Kindergarten Field Trip to the River Banks Zoo
May 27th Workday - No School
May 30th No School/Memorial Day