Middle Childhood Health Concerns

Ages 6-12 - Tori Shaw


  • -Usually well developed by middle childhood
  • -By 11 should have auditory awareness of adults
  • -Ear infections are health problems
  • -Untreated Ear Infections ( Permanent hearing loss)
  • -Ear infections decrease due to structural changes within body


  • -By age 6 (Children are ready to read)
  • -See objects with both eyes (Same time)
  • -Ability to focus improves
  • -Close up vision improves
  • -It is important to check vision regularly


  • -Children begin losing baby teeth
  • -Lower and Upper front teeth fall first
  • -By 12 ( All 20 primary teeth will be replaced)
  • -Out of proportion to child's face
  • -Bones will grow to allow teeth to fit
  • -Tooth Decay can occur without proper hygiene


  • -Considered obese if weigh 20% more than others (same sex, gender, age & build)
  • -Seriously impact emotional health
  • -Often teased & ridiculed by peers
  • -Fewer friends, often selected for teams
  • -Lack self esteem
  • -May be inheritedor stress, physical inactivity
  • -High blood pressure, Heart rate or diabetes