Siegrist 16-17

Charting our Course!

Class Announcement Postcards

We have new postcards to reveal teacher assignments to students this year. Please plan on picking up a class set of postcards, and writing a note to welcome your new students. You will need to have those ready to hand it at check out time at the end of the year. We will place labels on them and mail them in August to reveal each student's class assignment. This is the first introduction to your families, so make a great impression!

Take away: May 11 - Postcards need to be written and ready to hand in by checkout in May.

Jump on Board with Building/ District Leadership Roles!!!!

I need one person from each grade level. If you are interested, EMAIL me here. I will talk with each of the people interested...if you are a C and I person this could be for you!!!!!!

Elem CIA (Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment) Purpose Statement

To build, evaluate, and revise curriculum, instruction, and assessment to ensure the systematic continuous improvement of teaching and learning.

Quality CIA Team Member






2016-17 CIA Team

  • 3 full day meetings during the school year
  • One week of paid curriculum camp in late July (optional but strongly recommended)
  • Focus will be to continue monitoring, evaluating, and revising the implementation of our Elementary Tier 1 Expectations in ELA and Math
  • Monitor the work of Improvement Teams in helping students master grade level power standards
  • Begin to look at Writing Curriculum and Curriculum Resources


Well it is that time. (We are a little behind the ball on this one). You will receive a budget email from Tracy Itao. In that email you will find two things, (1) a budget letter, (2) an electronic requisition form. (If you are unsure about your amount after reading the letter, feel free to touch base with me. There is no stupid question! (Cause if there is, I will be the one asking them :) ).

1.Read the budget letter

2. Use this requisition form to place your orders.

3. Send you requisitions to Tracy and Jen in an email.

4. Items that you want at the beginning of school need to be submitted before May 13.

5. If you want to wait to spend some money at the beginning of the year that is fine, just know that there is a waiting period to get items of up to a month. Budget money needs to be spent by Nov. 30 (or a date that will be published at a later date).

Thank you for doing this! I really appreciate you being thoughtful and conscience of reductions in budgets. On behalf of Tracy, thank you for being diligent in your math and adding shipping and handling.

AR Request

By this time, all schools have communicated the expectations for the use of AR. We need to order licenses for AR. Please think about your desire to use AR next year. I will need to collect the number of classes that intend to use AR as a reading practice and motivation tool. If you plan on using AR during the 16-17 school year, please respond here.

Computer Assisted Curriclum Resources

If you have used (and intend to use) a subscription based computer program to supplement your curriculum next year I would like to take that into consideration when planning my budget. I know that many of you have paid out of pocket for these options in the past, and that is something that I would like to help with if I can. But first I need to know what is valuable and worth the money. Please email me the following things if you plan on using a computer based curriculum aid:

1. Name of the program

2. Annual subscription cost (per class)

3. What is the value added in your classroom? (How do you use it?)

It is important to know that we will not have Education City next year. Consider this when planning your technology supported curriculum.

Have a wonderful Week,

Jen and Kali