Who invented skateboards???

Know one really knows who invented skateboards, people say back in the 1940's surfers had nothing to do when the weather was harsh, swells where to big or surf was to dangerous. Surfers tried to find a way to surf without being on water. Surfers would find bits of wood and small wheels and screw the wheels to the board. This caused thousands and thousands of people to do the same. And as the years go by skateboards became more updated and much better than pieces of scrap and junk.

Skateboarding has become a sport

Skateboarding has become so popular that it baecame a sport, competitions are held for this sport and people have made what's called a skatepark. Skateparks have all different types of obstacles and ramps such as half pipes, quarter pipes,foam pits, ramps, boxes and many more.

Proffesional skateboarders

Skateboards have become a major sport and so many people are amazing at it, people are so good that they are known as pro skaters. Pro skaters do amazing and scary things, pro skaters compete in a competition called the one and only X Games. The X Games take only the best of the best skaters to compete.

Examples of pro skaters

  • Tony Hawk
  • Ryan Sheckler
  • Tory Pudwill
  • Eric Koston
  • Chris Cole
  • Rob Dyrdrek And many, many more

Skateboard brands!

  • Plan B
  • Santa Cruz
  • Girl
  • Spit Fire
  • Thrasher
  • DGK