QR Codes

Ideas for Activities in the Classroom

Something to think about......

Think of links and information that you want to give to your kids. Rather than telling them the website, even if it is shortened, have them scan a QR code to get there.

QR Voice

Want to give students instructions so they can listen to it? Try QRvoice! Scan the QR to the right and see what QR voice is.

Now create your own! All you do is type in the information and click on the QR code symbol. After a new code is generated, download and save it.

Blabberize and QR

Another way to get your students attention is with your picture! Create a talking image of yourself with Blabberize! Scan the QR code to the left to see one.

Click on Make, upload a picture, and record the voice. You have to mess with the placement of the mouth a little to be able to understand how it works.

After you create the Blabberize, click on share it and you can get a link to create a QR code.

Croak.it and QR

Record audio and it turns into a link. Take that link and make it a QR code! Scan the code to the right to hear how croak.it works.

When you go to croak.it, you don't even have to sign in. Click on the round symbol that says croak and start to record. When you are finished, it will give you a link. That link can then be made into a QR code using one of the QR creators.

Now you try! Go to each of those websites and create one of the QR codes. While you mess with the site, be thinking of some ways you could use these in your classroom.

Ideas for the classroom


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