Miss Seneski's Class Newsletter

February 2018

From the Teacher

February in a Nutshell:

Math: We are working Chapter 9 Multiplying and Dividing Decimals. We will be testing next week on this chapter!

Language Arts: We have been working on story elements and citing text evidence while reading Tuck Everlasting. Also AR is due next week!

Social Studies: We have been learning about famous explorers & who discovered North America.

Writing: Students are working on their argumentative essays regarding keeping or getting rid of chocolate milk in schools. Their SLO is next week!

Science: In science we are learning about force in motion including Newton's Laws.

Reminder: The grading period ends next week!


Miss Seneski

From the Students

Art Museum Field Trip

BY: Alexander, Ben, and Emme

In fifth grade at Garfield Elementary School the field trip is the Art Museum. The Art Museum is in Cleveland, Ohio. It takes about 30 minutes to get there from Garfield Elementary. At the museum they have a sculpture in front of the museum. The sculpture is the Thinker, the Thinker is a very important part in history! It's a very important because on March 24, 1970 some protester stuck some dynamite up his feet and blew it up. We could of fixed his feet but, we did not fix it because it is a piece in history!!! ( Fun Fact ), The Cleveland Art Museum is one of the finest ones in this country!

The first thing we did at the art museum is that we saw all the american art and sculptures with a tour guide. We looked at american art for about an hour and then we went to the basement for lunch. After lunch we split up into 5 group and did three different things. The three thing we did was the Interactment Center, the Egyption art, and exploring the museum. Alex’s favorite part of the museum was a mini sculpture of the thinker. Emily’s favorite part was the interacmant room. Ben's Favorite part of the museum is also the interactment center. This was what we did at the Art Museum!

Math Chapter 9: Multiplying and Dividing Decimals

By:Ethan Leyrer,Josh Plumley, and Annabelle Henk

In school, we are learning about Multiplying and Dividing Decimals. To multiply decimals you start by, writing out your problem. Then, you multiply or divide like you regularly would. Once you are finished, you add in the decimal point in the same place it was before. However, when you multiply and divide a decimal by a base ten, such as ten, one hundred, and one thousand, you simply move the decimal point. For example, 1.6 times 100, you would move the decimal to the right two times, making it 160 because it is 100. If it was 10, we would move it over once. When you are dividing, however, you will do the same thing except to the left. That is what we have learned in Ch.9 Math.

Winter Olympics

By: Kallie Jenkins, Sarah Morris, and Jimmy Green

February, we learned about the Winter Olympics. We learned about the different sports. We learned about this because the Winter Olympics was this year and it is interesting to learn about different sports. To learn about this we each picked a sport and did a slideshow with a partner. In the slideshow we talked about the location, the different events, the history, the description, famous competitors, who has received medals, we had to have pictures and videos with captions, and a sources page. In conclusion, we learned a lot about the Winter Olympics and had a great time making our slideshows.

Social Studies

By: Zia Lloyd and Dylan Klingenberg

This month we read Chapter 5 in Social Studies. This chapter is about exploring America. For example, different explorers such as Christopher Columbus, Henry Hudson , and Jacques Cartier explored different parts of America. For instance, in the year 1492, Christopher Columbus sailed to where he thought was Asia but he actually found America. We feel that it is very important that we learn about American history. In conclusion, this chapter is mainly about explorers that found and/or claimed America.

Transition to Memorial

By: Cara, Kayrdian, and Layla

As 5th graders we will eventually be going to Junior High. This week the counselors from Memorial talked to us about the electives which include Art Foundation, Band, Orchestra, Choir, Robotics and Design, and lets not forget Exploratory art/music,”I think that all of them are pretty cool!” a quote from Dylan Klingenberg, a student in our class. Exploratory art/music is when you take art half of the semester and music the other half. Memorial also has lots of clubs such as Pep club, Ski club, Art club, Drama club and many, many more. “I think ski club will be the best!” says Jimmy Green, a fellow student. This is what we are going to do next year in Memorial Middle School! “I’ll miss Garfield but I’m excited to go to middle school!!” from Annabelle Henk, who is also a fellow student.

Argumentative Essay

By Julian Mullen, Jacob Wrenn, and Marcello Ricci

An argumentative essay is an essay you write to prove that people should choose your side on a subject! In writing class we are doing Chocolate milk should be in schools or not in schools? Earlier in writing we did an argumentative essay on whether or not kids should have recess. Now we are going to show you what we learned about argumentative essays! When are class started Argumentative essays we start by writing three rough draft paragraph. We added three evidence, one starting sentence plus a quote and a ending sentence. We prove our point by using evidence from articles like “All Work No Play” and “Nutrition in Disguise”. In the introduction we ask a “jazzy question’’ or a fun fact to convince the reader to keep reading. In the ending we restate a thesis and write it again then we ad an ending sentence! We hope you learned some good facts from this essay.

Tuck Everlasting: Inferencing & Theme

By Natalie Gladish, Jane Lohrey, and Jake Lucci

In class we are reading, Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt, as our class book. Right now in the book so far there is a girl named Winnie who lives on the edge of her city, Treegap. One day she thinks about how she really wants to change the world. Later that day she runs away and bumps into a family that drank from a spring which gave them an everlasting life. A man hears the whole conversation and is trying to get Winnie back. When he came to the Tucks house, Mae hit him so now she is in jail. The Tucks have to move to keep their secret so Winnie plans to switch spots with Mae so that they have time to go far far away.

We can infer that Winnie is anxious to go save Mae. We can infer this because it says she was up all night thinking about it. Also, we can infer that it will be no problem for Miles to take the bars out because it says he is a great carpenter. This is what we infer will happen.

The theme of the story is that no matter what you put your mind to you can change the world. We know this because at first Winnie wanted to change the world and now she has the opportunity to. But she has to decide if the world will be better or worse knowing about the spring.

In conclusion, so far this book has been very interesting because of the plot twists, twists, and turns, so… everything! We can’t wait to see what will happen next!!