1st Grade Music Notes

November 2018

Our First Quarter Learning Goals

  • I will be able to follow the rules of music
  • I will be able to use my singing voice
  • I will be able to move to show steady beat
  • I will be able to draw the steady beat
  • I will be able to SING my name
  • I will be able to play up and down on instruments

Songs We Have Learned

  • Bonjour Mes Amis

  • Hickety Tickety Bumblebee

  • Two Little Apples

  • Clap Your Hands

  • I Think Music’s Neat

  • Hickory Dickory Dock

  • Sing Me Your Name

  • Legs and All

  • Fang and Twang

  • Itsy Bitsy Spider

  • Pumpkin Stew

  • Hippity Hop to the Candy Shop


A glockenspiel (pronounced "glock-en-shpeel") is a musical instrument made of a set of steel bars mounted in a frame and struck with mallets. In German, the word "GLOCKENSPIEL" means "play bells".

Special Friends in Music Class

Our 1st Grade Concerts are in January!

No, your child does not have two concerts- we are splitting the classes into two sections to perform on two different days! This gives us a more intimate, personal concert experience and tends to be less intimidating for first time music students. Our concerts in first grade are INFORMANCES- a concert experience that invites the audience to participate and experience music class along with the students!

Our grade levels will be split in half, three classes (1Jo/1Ev/1Pe) will perform on January 29th and the other three classes (1Ti/1Mo/1La) will perform on January 31st. We will also have special afternoon performances for our grandparents at 2pm on those days.

Details and specifics will be announced later next month.

Important Dates to Remember

  • December 6: JM 2nd Grade Nutcracker 6pm, grandparents Day 2pm
  • January 29th: JM 1st grade Informance 2pm (1Jo/1Ev/1Pe)
  • January 31st: JM 1st grade Informance 2pm (1Ti/1Mo/1La)
  • February 22: JM 4th Grade Drama Club presents Annie! 6pm
  • March 5th: JM 3rd Grade Concert, 6pm
  • April 9th: JM 5th Grade Concert (5Ba/5Me/5Pr) 6pm
  • April 11th: JM 5th Grade Concert (5Sm/5Ta/5Pa) 6pm
  • May 13-17 Talent Day in Music Class (during their regular music class period)