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Week of January 24

Hello STEM Families and welcome to this week's newsletter. We are happy to report a successful first week back for our students. In this week's edition, you will find details on Report Cards and Conferences. After having completed a week back in school, we have updated Safety and Vaccination information. Also included is a flyer for STEM Showcase Auditions, as well as an important message about Cell Phone Use in Class.


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Report Cards

Report Cards will be published to Home Access Center at 1:00 tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon. You will be able to view your student's marking second period report card on Home Access Center under the "Grades" tab.

Also included on the report card is the student's updated GPA and credit total (for high school students), and whether they made the Honor Roll this quarter.

If you would like a hard copy of the report card, please call the office at 610-447-3650 or email ( or Paper copies will also be available at Report Card Conferences on Thursday.

Home Access Center (HAC) Sign-Up

The HAC is where you will find your student's report card. Not only that, visiting the HAC will allow you to check your student's grades and attendance on a daily basis.

If you do not have your HAC set up yet, email Ms. Misha Memon ( She will reply with your username, password and a link to the log in page.

Report Card Conferences

Report Card Conferences will be held this Thursday, January 27 from 11:30 AM to 5:30 PM. Again, teachers will be available for conferences in-person, and also through Zoom. Zoom links for all teachers will be posted to the STEM Academy Home Page

We will also be hosting a Vaccination Clinic in conjunction with conferences at STEM on the 27th. First, second and booster shots will be available at no cost to all who are eligible. Please see below for additional upcoming vaccination opportunities.


The First Week Back

Our students and staff worked together to remain mindful of our overall health and safety. Thank you to all concerned parents and family members who contacted us with questions and concerns. We want to continue hearing from you so we can most effectively address any issues. We understand this is a stressful time, and we want to make decisions that are in the best interest of all our STEM families.

Vaccination Clinics

Vaccination remains the best way to protect yourself and your family from serious cases of Covid. Additionally, the more students who become vaccinated, the more likely we are to stay in school without any returns to remote learning.

In order to help increase vaccination rates, CUSD has arranged a series of free vaccination clinics for the community at our schools. Upcoming dates are listed below. The vaccinations are free for all, and you can receive first shots, second shots, and boosters. Sign up using this link: Vaccination Sign-Up

Thursday, January 27: STEM 1:00-5:00 PM (also Report Card Conferences)

Friday, January 28: CUSA Elementary 2:00-6:00 PM

Thursday, February 3: Stetser Elementary 2:00-6:00 PM

Friday, February 4: Toby Farms 2:00-6:00 PM

Thursday, February 10: Chester High 2:00-6:00 PM

Friday, February 11: STEM 2:00-6:00 PM

You can also check out the CUSD Vaccination Calendar for more information on available vaccination. I hope to see you at a vaccination event soon!!

Health and Safety Protocols

In addition to vaccination, it is important for everyone at STEM commit to following health and safety guidelines. Masks are required at all times while inside CUSD buildings. We recommend the use of N95/KN95 masks, or the combination of a surgical and cloth mask. The vast majority of our students have been compliant with masking policies throughout the year, and teachers will review proper masking in classes this week. In order to maintain the safety of the entire school community and ensure continuity of in-person learning, a student who refuses to comply with our masking policy will be sent home from school.

Please make sure your student comes to school with a mask - N95/KN95 if possible. We will continue to supply masks to those who forget them, however we want to ensure we continue to have plenty of extra on hand.

The Omicron variant of Covid-19 is extremely contagious. If your student is feeling unwell or displaying symptoms of Covid, they must be kept home. You can contact our office by phone or email ( to inform us of the absence.


Returning on March 2nd!

We are excited to announce the annual STEM Talent Showcase and Award Ceremony will be returning soon! The event could not go on last year due to Covid, but it will be back this year on March 2nd.

If your student is a performer, please encourage them to audition for the Showcase. There is a great amount of talent at our school, and we want to put it on display.

More information will be coming soon about tickets to attend in person, and ways to watch the Showcase if you're not here.

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Students of the Month

The following students were chosen by their teachers as December Students of the Month. They displayed excellence in Academics, Leadership and Character throughout the month. Congratulations!! Pictures will be coming soon once students return to the building.

7th Grade: Vanel Melendez

8th Grade: Sanaa Davis

9th Grade: Taeqwann Naylor

10th Grade: Hamira Robinson

11th Grade: Gabriel Echevarria

12th Grade: Victoria Caratello

Staff Member of the Month

Middle School English teacher, Julanne Labrum has been named December Staff Member of the Month. Not only is Ms. Labrum an excellent teacher, she goes above and beyond to make sure our Middle School students are successful in and out of the classroom. Congratulations Ms. Labrum!!
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Important Message

Ms. Labrum recently shared the following message with parents of Middle Schoolers. After reading it, I thought it was very important to share with our High School families as well. Many teachers have noticed students using their cell phones even more this year than ever before. We understand that many of our students must carry their phones with them, however it's important they learn to manage it without it becoming a distraction.

We are so happy to see everyone back at school! As we enter the third marking period, please check your child’s Home Access Center frequently. There, you will see their current graded assignments for all their classes. If you require your log-in information, please email Ms. Memon ( or call the office at 610-447-3650.

In our efforts to get the new year off to a great start, remember that students all have laptops with internet connections in the classroom. There is no academic reason that students need their phones while in class, and phones are the most frequent obstacle to learning for our students. Many who have phones are on them when they shouldn’t be, causing them to miss lessons, instructions, and assignments.

Parents, by using these strategies, you can monitor your student's phone usage, and also help us teach your students: Check the amount of time your child has been on their cell phone each day using settings on iPhone and Android (click the links for easy to follow instructions). Mobile hotspots allow students to access websites that are blocked by CUSD. Disabling mobile hotspots can help keep your child safe and focused.


Admissions Season is Coming...

As we approach Spring, we are planning to begin the admissions process for the next group of new STEM students. As with the past two years, our new student application will be found online beginning in early April. Please make sure your prospective 7th, 8th, and 9th grade students are checking the STEM Academy Home Page often for updates.

New student applicants will be evaluated based primarily on their report card grades this year. Other considerations include transcript history (for applicants already in high school), attendance, teacher recommendations, essay, and discipline. Make sure to remind prospective students to ensure their application is top-notch.

In the coming weeks, we will be visiting elementary schools to speak with students about the benefits of attending STEM Academy. If you have students at CCCS Aston, Widener Partnership, or Toby Farms, we will be coming to visit soon. We also hope to hold an in-person Prospective Student Night this Spring. We had an incredible turnout the last time we were able to hold this event back in 2019 (I'm sure many who are reading this remember the crowd).

Finally, please be aware that current STEM 8th Graders must re-apply for admission into 9th Grade. Application requirements and criteria are the same as for students applying from other schools.


Winter Sports Schedules

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