Weekly Cougar News

ConVal High School Happenings - September 25, 2020

Message From Principal McKillop

On Monday, October 5, we will be able to welcome back all students (grades 9-12) in the blue cohort. We will still follow the cohort calendar that is published on our website and that was previously shared with families. The following week, we will be able to welcome in all students (grades 9-12) in the gold cohort. The gold cohort will join us on Tuesday, October 13 (Holiday is observed 10/12/20). It is very exciting that in the near future all students who wish to join us in person will have the ability to do so on our hybrid model.

Reminders to our Conval students

  • Please remind your student to have their Chromebook fully charged for their school day.
  • Please remind your student to check emails regularly for updates from their teachers.
  • If your student has a class outdoors, please remind them to dress appropriately as temperatures may vary.

Upcoming Important Dates:

  • October 12, 2020 - Columbus Day - No classes for students, PD for teachers
  • October 14, 2020 - SAT Testing
  • October 17, 2020 - PSAT Testing
  • October 21, 2020- Viewing of Upstanders
  • October 22, 2020 - NHHEAF College Planning Night

School Counseling Department

Google Classroom Join Codes:

If your student has not yet joined the School Counseling Google Classroom page for their graduating class, please encourage them to do so. The School Counseling office is using this to communicate important information to students throughout the year. The Google Classroom join codes are as follows –

Class of 2021: jcqkkft

Class of 2022: 5away4i

Class of 2023: f6s3tiw

Class of 2024: 5zs3fp3

Requesting Appointments with Counselors:

With students accessing school this year in a variety of ways, we’re evolving our appointment scheduling process to reduce barriers to students accessing their counselor.

When in the building students can, as always, drop by the counseling office and our registrar, Stacy Whitaker, can help students schedule an appointment with a counselor. A quick note, once we are in full swing with hybrid students attending, school counseling plans to be physically based out of the library.

Students can request appointments electronically with Mrs. Dunn, Mr. Record, Ms. Knarr, Mr. Bennett, and Mr. Hightower using this form. This will allow students to communicate desired meeting type and preferred meeting times.

This link can be found in counselor’s email signatures, on the webpage, and will be posted on the school counseling “Class of 2021” google classroom. Counselors are checking this daily and will confirm a meeting within (usually within 24-48 business hours). To electronically schedule with Ms. Fletcher, please email her directly.

Folks can still contact the counseling office by phone to schedule a meeting with their counselor. The line to the counseling office is 924-4120.

PSAT Sign Ups:

We will be offering the PSATs on Saturday, October 17th this year. The PSAT is an on optional test for 11th grade students to help prepare them for the SATs, and it also serves as the qualifying exam for the National Merit Scholarship. 10th grade students can also take the exam, but are not considered for the National Merit Scholarship. There is a limited number of testing seats available. The cost for the PSAT will be $17.

Both Cohorts will test on the same day, in separate areas of the building and will have a staggered arrival and departure time. Gold Cohort students will need to arrive and be in their test rooms by 7:30am. Blue Cohort students will need to arrive and be in their test rooms by 8:30am. The test takes approximately 3 hours. Students will need their own transportation to and from the testing.

To sign up for PSATs, please complete this form. Sign up and payment must be received by Friday October 9th. Payment, check payable to ConVal High School should be mailed to ATTN: Stacy Whitaker, or can be dropped off at the school between 7:30 am – 2:00 pm (when arriving at bus loop, call the counseling office at 924-4120 or the main office and someone will come out to collect payment and provide a receipt).

12th Grade SATs:

As we plan for the SATs on Wednesday October 14th, some additional information is needed regarding students intentions to take the test and transportation needs. Please take a moment to complete this brief survey if you have not yet done so.

Region 14 - Applied Technology Center

ATC Scholarship:

Running Start Program

Running Start Enrollments Begin Soon!

One of the exciting opportunities available to students of ConVal High School and the Region 14 Applied Technology Center is the option to take dual enrollment or Running Start classes where students earn transcripted college credit at the same time that they earn their high school credit. Students who elect the Running Start option will be following a curriculum that matches with the related course taught at either Manchester or Nashua Community College.

This year students will be viewing a recorded presentation from the community college with their class in early October. At that point, they will be given information to sign up online for the Running Start credit.

The tuition is covered by the ConVal School District. Students and their parents/guardians must opt in to earn the credit. Registrations will close on October 30, and there will be no retroactive enrollments. Credit is available only to students in grades 10-12.

For the Fall semester, the following classes are eligible for Running Start credit:

  • AP Chemistry

  • AP Calculus

  • Automotive Technology II (at Mascenic High School)

  • Careers in Education I

  • Careers in Education II

  • College Composition

  • Computer Networking I

  • Computer Programming & Software Development I

  • Engineering I

  • Engineering II

  • Engineering III

  • Graphic Design II

  • Human Growth and Development

Ceramics Class

Ms. Mitschmyer's Ceramics students have been champions this week and braved some chilly mornings. If you take a walk through her tent you can see students engaged in making hand-built clay cups in a variety of textures.