The Chumash

By: Noah Gay

Chumash Settlement

The settlement of the Chumash was in southern California. They lived in southern California because the rulers of the area offered a good life to them.

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What Where the Chumash Known For?

The Chumash wore known for making money out of shells. They believed that the universe was devided into three parts. The top lair was home to the spirits. The middle was home to humans. The bottom was home to evil creatures who came at night to frighten human beings.

Naturall Resorse Usages

The Chumash used naturall Resorses in there way of life. They used grass to cover there houses. They used stones to carve weapons they used for hunting and fighting. They used animal skins for jewlrey.
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What Were There Day - To- day Matereals?

The Chumash used wooden bowls to eat out of. They used bows and arrows to fight
(thow they wort highly skilled) and to hunt.
Chumash Painted Cave