Fresh Organic Veggies @ Studio101

Pre-order at Studio 101: Deliveries on Mondays & Thursdays

How? Superfresh and Organic.

Grown in Panjim, for Panjim

We believe that when it comes to vegetables, local growing is the only way to achieve amazing freshness. Which is why we don't sell any of our produce beyond Panjim and its neighbourhood. We harvest early in the morning at our farms in Santacruz and Taleigao, and deliver our freshly plucked produce to customers within 3 hours at most.

The real flavours of Organic

Our farms avoid the use of any unnatural poisonous pesticides and synthetic growth promoters and follow organic practices at every stage. This focus on healthy, natural soils yields vegetables with more freshness and flavour than almost any produce available in local markets.

Current veggie menu and prices

To order call 0832-2222101

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What's the difference?

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Getting to Studio 101

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Studio 101 Goa

Studio 101 is a holistic fitness and wellness centre located in the heart of Panjim, Goa. With a state of the art facility, Studio 101 offers its clients comprehensive fitness testing, personalized fitness training, a variety of group fitness classes, physio/massage therapy and steam, an in-house nutritionist, and a health café offering a variety of healthy snack options.

Produce from Yogi Farms

Yogi Farms is a seasonal Organic Farm which offers fresh, natural, delicious and healthy specialty-produce to residents and eateries in Panjim.

We grow food organically (for ourselves and for sale), share our learnings with Goa’s kitchen gardeners and farmers (through workshops, sharing saplings and farm visits) and attempt to promote a greater awareness about healthier food.