Chapter 13 Major Figures

Saint Peter Canisuis

Successful Work

Some of his successful work implementing the reforms of the Council of Trent in Germany and defending the Church against the spread of Protestantism. St. Peter founded the first Jesuit house in Germany, and for fourteen years served as the first Jesuit provincial to that country.


St. Peter Canisius is often called the "Second Apostle of Germany".


Born in 1521, St. Peter began his studies at the University of Cologne at the age of fifteen. In 1543, still only twenty-two, he went on a retreat directed by BI.Peter Faber.

The Reform of the Church

Attending a session of the Council of Tent in 1547. St. Peter Canisuis became deeply involved in the debates and issues surrounding the reform of the Church. In 1549, at the request of the pope, he was entrusted with the nearly impossible task of stopping defections of Catholics in Germany and bringing back into the Church those who had already left.