Lewis and Clark Expedition

Corps of Discovery

The Expedition

President Thomas Jefferson gave the Corps of Discovery $2,500 to explore the uncharted West. The leaders of the expidition were Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. While on this journey, they experienced many exciting adventures. Including the acquaintance with Sacagawea and Toussiant Charbonneau. They have seen beautiful sights, encountered extraordinary Native Americans, and brought back knowledge of the land and resources.

Journal Entry

Meeting the Shoshone

August 13, 1805

Today we encountered a Native American tribe, the Shoshone. They came toward us with full speed on horses. I ran towards them with a flag of peace. We were then offered many gifts and affection from the Natives as a sign of peace.

Signed, Meriwether Lewis

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This flyer was made by Zowey Danubio and Hannah Voss.