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Every family you refer, who enrolls full time and pays for 2 weeks, will receive a $50 visa gift card.

Theme for the month of May: Let's Garden

During the course of this month, the children will explore plants and seeds, food that grow from seeds as well as a few garden critters.

General Overview of the Upcoming Month:

Spring is finally here! We plan to spend more time outside. The children will be planting some vegetable seeds and tending to their little garden. Hopefully, we can enjoy tomatoes and peas come summer time.

Early Learning:

During the course of this theme your children will utilizes first-hand experience to help them expand their knowledge of different types of gardens people plant. During course of this activity, the children will build gross motor skills, language skills as well as practice observation and utilize their senses.

Letters of the month: P (for plants) and S (for spring)

Colors of the month: Yellow and Green

Number: 9, 12

Song: Little Plants

(tune) "The Wheels on the Bus"

The little plants need lots of sun,

Lots of sun, lots of sun,

the little plants need lots of sun,

So they will grow tall.

(children curve arms above head to make a sun)

The little plants need rich soil,

Rich soil, rich soil,

The little plants need rich soil,

So they will grow tall.

(children pretend to dig in the dirt)

Rates Increase notice:

June 1, 2015, childcare tuition will increase by $5.00 per child, for the yearly cost of living increase, which allows me to continue providing quality care for your children.

Important Dates in May:

25th Close for Memorial Day

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you for allowing me to care for your children as I will continue providing quality care for you and your family.

Providing quality care...

I've be in business for 8 months. Since I been in business I received certification as an CPR/First Aid Instructor. I love what I do, I enjoy providing quality care, teaching, interacting and making a difference in your kids lives.