Instructional Coach Weekly Update

Week of May 2-6

Strategy Spotlight

Five Levels of Student Engagement:

It should not surprise anyone to know that one of the most consistent findings in educational research demonstrates that the more times students spend engaged during instruction, the more they learn (Gettinger & Ball, 2007). Some researchers even identify differing levels of engagement. Schlechty (2002) defines five levels of student engagement:

  • Authentic Engagement—students are immersed in work that has clear meaning and immediate value to them (reading a book on a topic of personal interest)
  • Ritual Compliance—the work has little or no immediate meaning to students, but there are extrinsic outcomes of value that keep them engaged (earning grades necessary for college acceptance)
  • Passive Compliance—students see little or no meaning in the assigned work but expend effort merely to avoid negative consequences (not having to stay in during recess to complete work)
  • Retreatism—students are disengaged from assigned work and make no attempt to comply, but are not disruptive to the learning of others
  • Rebellion—students refuse to do the assigned task, act disruptive, and attempt to substitute alternative activities

What kinds of engagement are you students showing you today? We as teachers have a lot of control in setting students up for success in our classrooms when it comes to engagement. What are you doing to address engagement issues in your classroom?


This Week

- Grade level and special ed. team planning meetings

- Assisting with data team meetings on Wednesday

- Modeling math lessons in 3rd grade

- Work on IRA writing

- Observe interventions

- Modeling writing lessons in 3rd grade

- Modeling writing lessons in special ed

- Helping 5th grade classes make PBIS videos

- Summer School meeting

- ELA curriculum, materials, and alignment work with primary

- Assisting with Benchmark Screening issues and testing

Next Week


Monday - All day PRESS training at GWAEA

Tuesday - All day PRESS training at GWAEA

Wednesday - All day summer school curriculum planning meeting at the primary

Thursday - All day LCI training at GWAEA

Friday - AM - summer school curriculum planning meeting at the primary, and PM IC meeting

More information will be shared in next week's SMORE about each of these days. PLEASE feel free to email or call/text (319.430.8150) if anything comes up!

Benchmark Testing Reminders

YOU DO NEED TO PROGRESS MONITOR THIS WEEK (in addition to benchmark testing)

1. Test in a quiet space (not hallways if at all possible)

2. Go over testing procedures with your whole class first

  • Remind them they will read 3 selections
  • Only the middle score counts so low and high scores are thrown out
  • Make sure all students get a chance to review their graphs are are clear on the goal score
  • Remind them that speed reading often slows students down (because they mess up and re-read a lot)
  • Remind them they should only worry about doing their BEST reading
  • Remind them to bring their glasses and/or reading guide (IF they usually use one)
  • Having students use a reading guild that don't usually use one will slow them down
  • Tell the students that you have to read the directions straight from a script and that might sound weird

3. Use Chrome if at all possible (if that's not working then you can try other internet browsers)

4. Restart your computer the morning of your testing - making sure all updates are done

5. Make sure volume is turned up and have a mouse available if you need one

6. Make sure you've talked to the SPECIAL ED TEACHER to confirm who will be giving the benchmark screening - homeroom or sp. ed. teacher

7. Let me know if you are running into any issues as soon as they happen (text or email me!)