4th Grade Science & Social Studies

Mrs. Neely's Class: Week of 11/17/2014

Science: Matter Matters!

We are continuing our unit on Matter!

During this unit we will measure, compare, and contrast physical properties of matter, including size, mass, volume, states (solid, liquid, gas), temperature, magnetism, and the ability to sink or float. We will also predict the changes caused by heating and cooling such as ice becoming liquid water and condensation forming on the outside of a glass of ice water, as well as compare and contrast a variety of mixtures and solutions such as rocks in sand, sand in water, or sugar in water.

Final products for the Properties of Matter menu project are due Wed., 11/19. This project is an at-school activity. While some students are excited to work on their products and have been working at home too, this is not required. While everything will not be sent home, please make sure to ask your child, how he/she is progressing on the selected activities and what they can tell you about mass, volume, density, buoyancy, and temperature.

Check out the link below for fun activities related to matter:


Looking to learn more and connect our academic work to home?

Read and complete the activities within the "Changes from Heat" and "Mixtures" sections in your child's STEMscopedia book.

Key Vocabulary:











Social Studies (Texas History)

We are continuing to follow the trail from the settlement of Paleoamericans to fighting for independence from Spain and Mexico. During this unit we will identify Texas' role in the Mexican War of Independence and the war's impact on the development of Texas. Additionally, we will identify the accomplishments and explain the economic motivations and impact of significant empresarios, including Stephen F. Austin and Martín de León, on the settlement of Texas.

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Upcoming Events & Reminders:

Tues., 11/18: Thanksgiving Luncheon (lunch cost is $4.00 for visitors)

Parents and family members are invited to join us at the following times:

Nance HR 11:50am

Neely HR 12:00pm

Presley HR 11:50am

**If it is not your scheduled day to participate in the Thanksgiving feast with your child, the school is asking that you not attend lunch, due to space limitations in the cafeteria. Your cooperation is GREATLY appreciated!

Tues., 11/18: PTO Meeting, 6:30-7:30pm

Wed., 11/19: Thanksgiving Luncheon for 1st/3rd/5th grades

Fri., 11/21: Final day for Toys for Tots donations to be turned in

Fri., Dec. 5: Final day for Food Drive donations to be turned in

Sat., 12/06 @ 8am: Breakfast with Santa @ New Hope Church (Manvel, Texas)

Sat., 12/06 @ 12pm-4pm: Aquatic Robotics (SeaPerch) district competition @ Manvel High School pool

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4th Grade Science & Social Studies

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