Eating Healthy at Wendys!

Our goal for consumers

Wendys strives to provide a healthy experience to each customer. Our promise to the have the customer leaving happy and full with less worries on eating unhealthy

What makes a Wendys burger so good?

Wendys never freezes our meat. This keeps the flavor so that when consumed, the customer always gets the perfect burger each time.
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Salads too?!

Wendys has a variety of fresh made salads to choose from, all ranging from 200-750 calories! Our salads provide fruit and protein to help give a balanced diet
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Grilled or fried?

By choosing our grilled chicken sandwich, consumers eat about 150 calories less than their fried counterparts.
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What about kids meals?

Wendys takes huge steps when it comes to the kids. Wendys provides healthy substitutes such as apple slices, naked juice, and milk to give our kids a healthy nutritious balance to their diets.
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What about beverages?

Wendys provides healthy substitutes such as our Honest Tropical Green tea with only 60 calories!