Your first step is Balancing your equation.

Balancing Equation

Balance your equations by making sure you have to same amount of each element on both sides.

Naming Elements

CH4 - Methane

O2 - oxygen

CO2 - carbon dioxide

H2O - water

Molar Mass's

CH4 - 16.1g/mol

O2 - 64g/mol

CO2 - 44.01g/mol

H2O - 36 g/mol

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Mole to Mole

if you are given 12.1 moles of Methane, then how many moles of water can you get?
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Mass to Mass

How much water can you get with 12.1g of Methane?
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Limiting & Excess Reactants

12.1 - Methane

20.15 - Oxygen

? - Water

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Theoretical Yeild

This is equal to our limiting factor = 11.33g

Percent Yield

If you do the reaction and come up with 6.5g of H2O, what is the percent yield?
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