Eight Keys


Main Characters

Elise a girl who's parents died at a young age

Elise's Aunt is a women who takes care of Elise

Elise's Uncle is another person that takes care of Elise

Franklin is Elise's Best Friend.


A Farm house in Colorado year 1985

Three Signification quotes

-what if ill never find out who i am

- How can i find out the true meaning of myself

-Whats the meaning of life


A girl who needs to find out about their parents and her pass so she needs to find eight keys to unlock 8 locked doors in a barn. This is an Internal conflict.

Plot summary

This is a story about a girl named Elise who's parents died at young age. But when Elise turned 12 a key appeared out of nowhere. Her uncle said it was from her father she wonder how it was from her father cause her was dead. But Elise uncle says it was left for her before he died.Elise realize there were 8 locked doors in her barn so she decided to unlock one. What she saw was amazing.Can Elise find all the keys Eight keys and find out whats inside all those locked door?