Carriage Connection

May 10, 2021

Parent Survey Deadline - May 12th

Now is your chance to share feedback on your experience in San Juan Unified schools. Parents, students and staff members are invited to take part in a survey that will help guide our priorities as a district. Feedback from the survey will inform our Local Control Accountability Plan. Please take this opportunity to make your voice heard by clicking on the link below. If you email a screenshot of your completed survey - you will be entered into a drawing for a $50 WalMart gift Card! Your feedback is important to us.


Pick Up & Drop Off Safety

We have had a number of safety concerns in our Mesa Verde parking lot which have put students, staff and other families at risk of injury. To ensure the safety of all our students, and school community members please follow these guidelines:

  • Always use designated crosswalks in the parking lot and roadways.
  • Wait patiently in the single file car line until you have reached the curb for students to enter or exit the passenger side of the vehicle. The car-line is complete within 15 minutes once students enter the pickup area.
  • Drive slowly in the direction of traffic as small children can be difficult to see as they move about the car line area.
  • Do not drive through parking spaces, or against traffic.
  • Do not encourage children to enter the roadway for pickup in a vehicle.
  • Park along the sidewalk or in the school parking lot when picking up students.
  • Always looking for traffic and small children before pulling away from the curb.
  • Look to staff members directing traffic for safety.

iReady Diagnostic Testing

Third through fifth grade will begin their Language Arts and Math end of the year assessments this Wednesday. Teachers will be proctoring these tests. These tests help us to analyze where your student is for the upcoming year. Please provide a quiet space and if the student needs any help, please have them only ask their teacher. The test does get progressively harder, so we don't expect students to answer all the questions correctly. Please see the attached document for further details. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to the teacher or the office.

COVID Testing

There is now FREE staff/students COVID-19 screening @ SJUSD testing sites each Tuesday.

Visit for dates, locations, times and one-time pre-registration.

Summer Programs

Explore all summer programs in San Juan here:

If your student receives Special Education services, Extended School Year (ESY) provides specific services such as speech, OT, AdPe, Specialized Instruction, etc. as written in the IEP. Contact your school case manager directly regarding ESY. If your student needs accommodations, or supports for Camp Invention or other programs, contact the summer program coordinator directly.

Bridges After School Program 2021-22

May 3 - 14 Priority Enrollment for 2021-22 program year.

For students currently enrolled, and students enrolled March 2020 at the time of campus closures. Submission of priority application does not guarantee enrollment. Confirmation will be sent out after enrollment period.

**Open Enrollment for all other applicants to follow.**

Applications are only available at the Bridges Regional Offices or emailed upon request.

To request an application, contact Cameron Ranch Bridges Site Coordinator:

Blanca Estevez, or 916-716-5212.

If you need daycare...


Camp invention is a nationally recognized nonprofit summer enrichment program for Kindergarteners through 8th grade that is inspired by the brightest thinkers around - the Inductees of the National Inventors Hall of Fame. Camp Invention offers students varied opportunities to expand their problem solving and innovative skills and strategies through real life problem-based learning activities. In addition, the San Juan EL staff will be implementing the program with literacy and integrated ELD lessons to build academic language and the ability to engage in academic discourse. San Juan Math staff will incorporate hands on and discourse rich math activities designed to support improving number sense and computational flexibility.

Rusch Park Summer Opportunities

Please see the attached flyers for more information if you are interested in this summer opportunity.

Lunch Pick-up Times - MESA

A quick reminder - if your student is here on campus, we will take lunch count in the morning and send home lunch and breakfast for the next day. If you are in Cohort C or the cohort that is not attending, you may utilize our curbside pick up at Mesa at 10:00 - 10:30. This is drive thru service under the bull only.