Proactive pregnancy

Avoid causing birth defects

Effects of Alcohol and Other Drugs on Pregnancy

Think before you do. Everyone is told this once in their life. But for pregnant mothers, this is a critical piece of advice to follow. A mother-to-be needs to consider the effects her actions may have on the baby developing inside her. A good thing is to avoid hazards such as drugs, alcohol, x-rays, caffeine, and more.


Anything a mother consumes or inhales is passed directly to her child through the placenta. Would oh want your 20-week-old kid drinking alcohol? If your drinking alcohol, so is the child inside of you. Doctors are unsure how much alcohol it takes to severely effect the child, but is only drinking a little worth the risk? Fetal alcohol syndrome is an I curable condition in some children whose mothers consumed alcohol while pregnant. FAS includes a wide variety of physical and mental disabilities. Many of these children do not live to see their first birthday, but those who do struggle with many problems.


Many women drink coffee daily. During pregnancy, that coffee goes straight to your baby through the placenta, possibly causing higher blood levels for the fetus due to its immature metabolism. Small amounts of caffeine, such as 2 cups of coffee or a bottle of pop, do not appear to pose high risks on pregnancy, however, larger quantities have been proven to increase chance of miscarriage, premature birth, and low birth weight.

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Tobacco has been proven harmful to any person, especially babies. Smoking has been shown to cause low birth weights. The more the mother smokes, the less her baby is likely to weigh at birth. It is also thought to cause premature birth, and is linked to respiratory infections and allergies. Second hand smoking can also cause all if these.

Environmental Hazards

Environmental hazards, although not always obvious, are all around us. Because of this, it is important that pregnant women are aware of theses. Two of the most common hazards are x-rays and hazardous substances and chemicals. An example of these chemicals would be paint, pesticides, lead, carbon monoxide, mercury, and solvents. Be sure to keep an eye out for these things in your daily routines, and avoid them if at all possible.