Real Madrid - Barcelona

11-1 Season 1942/1942

Watch Real Madrid beating Barcelona at El Clasico

Real Madrid beats Barcelona 11-1 at Santiago Bernabeu. Real Madrid has beaten Barcelona at Santiago Bernabeu. This match made part of the 79 victories against Barcelona. While Barcelona has 71 victories. They have tied 36 times. The first El Clasico was played in 1929 and Real Madrid won by a 1 goal difference 2-1. The 11-1 was Real Madrid's greatest victory in El Clasico. While Barcelona's greatest victory against Real Madrid is 5-0. This game marked history. Real Madrid played very well while Barcelona played awful. This game was played during the World War II. Even though it was on that time, the war didn't influence the match.

El Clasico

Sunday, Feb. 28th 1943 at 9pm

1 Avenida de Concha Espina

Madrid, Community of Madrid

Real Madrid beating Barcelona 11-1

Real Madrid

Watch Real Madrid win El Clasico by a difference of 10 goals. Real Madrid beats Barcelona 11-1. Goals: 3 from Pruden, 4 from Barinaga, 2 from Alonso, 1 from Curta, and 1 from Botella. Barcelona's Goal: Martin. The VIP zone has free food and hot air. Real Madrid's shirt is white, it may get full of mud, blood, but never of shame. Real Madrid is currently sponsored by Fly Emirates. The shirt is Adidas. Real Madrid's current coach is Ancelotti. Their current best player is Cristiano Ronaldo, who is now 28 years old. Real Madrid this year has the potential to win "La Decima" which is the tenth UEFA Champions league, the tenth Champions League has been waited a lot by Madridistas or "Merengues". Fans (of Real Madrid) are called Merengues because there is a white food called merengue and Real Madrid's shirt and badge are white. Real Madrid is an old club. It was founded on March 6 1902. Real Madrid currently plays on Liga BBVA, Copa del Rey, UEFA Champions league.