History Of Daniel Boone


Who Was Daniel Boone

Daniel Boone

Daniel Boone was a great hunter.This is information about the one and only Daniel Boone.

Daniel Boone was born November 2, 1734. Daniel had 10 brothers and sisters. Daniels family were friends with a few Indians but others were not very friendly.when Daniel was little he was captured by Indians this happened a lot to Daniel but he always managed to escape. Daniel also learned to hunt when he was around 9 10 years old.Daniel was homeschooled his brothers wifes mom taught him everything.Daniels parents were farmers they were poor.when daniel was about 16 he moved with his family in north america.

What Did he Do

Daniel grew up to help settle the american frontier. in 1750 the Boone's moved to north Carolina and settled in the Yadkin river.in 1755 Daniel went to fight in the french Indian war. Daniel first passed through the Kumberland gap into Kentucky in 1776.in 1773 daniel tried to settle in Kentucky with his family but an Indian attack forced them back.

Impact On The World

Daniel helped open up the frontier so his country could grow. Daniels trail opened to the west to settlement and made him a hero. Daniel fought Indians many times because they would not stop capturing his family burning their houses and stealing their stuff.

Should We Be More Like Him

I think we should be more like Daniel because he was courageous and caring.he was caring by hunting food but risking injury. he was brave by fighting Indians and going to save his family and going to war.
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