Charmed Impressions

July 8th 2013

June Incentive Winners, Dot Dollar Days, & Count down to Hoopla!

Happy July Ladies!

I hope that you all are enjoying these early days of July... the kids are finally out of school, summer vacation is in full swing, and many of us are enjoying a little time off! I am up in Maine with my family for much of the summer now, and I am loving the gorgeous weather up here... although I could do without the 90 degree temps! Hopefully each of you is enjoying some time with your family this month as well. Now, more than ever is when I appreciate the flexibility that having my own Stella & Dot business affords me. I can pack up the family for the summer months, enjoy time with them on the water, hiking or by the pool, and bring my business with me... fitting in a few hours here and there with customer service calls, selling on the go, and oh, a few trunk shows too. All based on what works for me! I'm a lucky girl! :)

So how are you working your business around your vacation schedules this summer? Let me know if you want to talk one-on-one about how you can have it all... time with your family & keeping your business active at a pace that works with these lazy summer days. In a bit, I will share a few tips on how I am managing it this month, keeping my eye on my goal of earning heart of leadership this month for our team but first... I need to recognize a few teammates for all their hard work in June!

$1000 Challenge Winners!
Congratulations to 4 ladies who met my June challenge to sell $1000 or more, and not only earned their $100 "stack up your rewards" free product credits, and their $100 consistency bonus, but will be receiving a piece from the new collection from me!!

Holly Henderson $1770
Amy Heidke $1724
Inga Cosway $1509
Adrienne Bonds $1072

And at month end, I issued a little challenge to a few ladies to push for that $500 in sales so as to not leave that $100 consistency bonus on the table and earn those free business supply credits to spend on the new look books to boot! These ladies are also going to be getting a new piece from the collection for their efforts! Congrats to Meg Fontecchio & Chiara Rhouate!

I also want to congratulate Holly for bringing on a new team member in June! Welcome to Jackie Glasscock who joins us from Tyler TX! Congratulations Jackie on kicking off your own Stella & Dot business. Holly has raved about you, and I know you are going to do fabulously! And you couldn't have a better mentor than Holly! Welcome!

Summer Strategy
Okay, now here we are in July with summer in full swing. How do we keep our businesses going during these lazy summer days when we want to slow things down and enjoy the summer months with our families? This is going to be my fourth summer with Stella & Dot, and I have always had strong sales in both July & August. I think part is due to the boost I have gotten from attending Hoopla (more on that later) and part is mixing a bit of business in with my vacation. As I mentioned earlier, I actually spend much of my summer in Maine, so I just do a little planning ahead of time to make sure I keep everything in balance.

Trunk Shows on the Go
Part of that means scheduling a trunk show or two on my route here and back. I typically have to head back to MA for a hair or dr appointment once in a while so I plan a couple of shows around those trips as well. This planning means that I can cluster a couple of trunk shows together early in the month and then spend a couple weeks enjoying my summer (with a few hours here and there for customer service and keeping up with our team) before I have another trunk show or two to round out the month. The nice thing is, when I get back to real life at the end of August, I typically have one or two trunk shows already on the books for September, which means I don't feel anxious about coming home to an empty calendar! I have found that by doing 3 trunks shows or so in both July or August - and focusing on quality over quantity - I have strong sales over the summer and meeting people for those Fall trunk shows!

All that said, each of you need to do what works best for you! That is why we do what we do! We are each our own bosses, and and run our businesses in a way that fits our individual lives. So take my advice and shape it to fit your life. And remember, wear those jewels by the pool, stick a mini look book in your getaway as you are out and about on your vacations. Sell on the go! And always, if you give a mini, get their information so you can send them a full sized look book and follow up.

Let me know if you want to chat one to one.... I am here to help you have the best summer yet and have you hit your business goals too!

Dot Dollar Redemption Days = Easy Sales for us!!
If you have any clients who shopped with you in June, now is the time for that fabulous customer service and follow up! Contact them individually and make sure that they have their promo codes (you can access a personalized report via the lounge). Remind them off that piece that they had on their wish list from the trunk show. I have already had $400+ in orders from Dot Dollar customers.... easiest $$ I have ever made. There are 4 days left (ends 7/11 at midnight) so reach out and see how close you can get to $500 in sales - and month one of the consistency bonus - just through dot dollars! I have included an email that I am sending to clients! Feel free to use it too! Good luck!

Hoopla is a Week Away!!
I am so excited to be in Vegas next week with 4 of our teammates!! Holly, Tye Moore, Adrienne, Amy and I are going to see the new line launch in person at the fashion show, get showered with swag, soak in some amazing training from some of the top leaders in the company (including our very own Carrie McGraw), and party the night away Vegas style! I've never been to Vegas, so I am especially excited! When we come back, I will put together some of our top takeaways to share with all of you. We will also share our top picks from the new line to help you as you make your decisions as to what samples to purchase & use those credits on!

July Goals
Okay ladies, I know this was an epic email, but one last thing before I sign off! I'd love to hear what YOUR personal goals are for this month. What do you want to earn this month? $500, $1000 more? How many trunk shows do you want to hold? Do you want to take time off? Think about what you want to achieve this month and then figure out how you get there. :)

So here are my goals for the month... I want to hold 4 trunk shows. Sell $5000, earning the $100 Stellar Seller award. And I want to hit my 4th month in a row at Star pay rank and earn this team our first heart of leadership! I have my work cut out for me... with the 4th holiday, Hoopla and summer vacation in general, but I am going to go for it! If you are wondering how you can help... use the new collection to book a trunk show this month, sell on the go, get to that $500 sales mark and earn your free business supplies and still enjoy your summer. Essentially, set and meet your own goals for your business, and let me know how I can help you get there. :)

Enjoy these summer days Ladies! And as always, reach out if you want to chat! That is what I am here for!


Dot Dollar Email

Hi Alison!

It paid to shop in the month of June because YOU have $75 Dot Dollars to spend! From now until midnight on 7/11, you can redeem your Dot Dollars on your favorite jewels! To use them, you need to spend a minimum of $50 on a jewelry in order to redeem each $25 Dot Dollar promo code. I know that you had your eye on the Amelia Drop Earrings. You can apply $25 to that order and save some $$!

You should have received an email with the promo codes and instructions on how to use them! But just in case you didn’t get the email here they are:


If you have any questions, please let me know! In the meantime, here’s a tip: All of our spring/summer collection will work year round! Look how to wear our Jolie and Pegasus this fall with a great print shoe and neutral tops! Use your Dot Dollars from July 3-11. Happy shopping!



PS: Use this website to do all of your shopping:<<>>