Sleeping Beauty

wriiten by:Walt Disney by:Julieana Rosales


Sleeping Beauty is a old fairy tale with a lot of excitement and thrills.The evil queen is trying to kill Sleeping beauty because she is jealous,so she is the bad person.Sleeping Beauty is the good person because she is loving and kind to everyone even the evil queen.where all this takes place is the queens castle and in the woods.

Rising Action

Sleeping Beauty walks up the stairs of the castle.She sees a room and starts getting curious and enters in.In the middle of the room there is a spindle.She walks towards it then touches the needle.Suddenly,she falls into a deep sleep.

Exciting Scenes


Happily ever after

He walks over to her bed and leans in and kisses her.Prince Phillip waits a few seconds and then she awakens.They walk down to the ballroom so she can go back with her parents.Then,her and the prince dance the night away,and they all lived happily ever after.