Washburn Elementary School

Lifelong Learning - September 2018

Welcome to the 2018-2019 School Year!

Welcome to the start of another fabulous year at Washburn Elementary School. The staff has been working hard to make our Lifelong Learning program the best it can be. At Washburn Elementary we feel social, emotional, and behavioral learning go hand in hand with math, science, social studies, reading, writing, art, music, and physical education. Our Lifelong Learning standards will continue to be part of our daily instruction. Each month we will focus on five character traits that help us teach the standards to our students. Look for a monthly newsletter that will highlight what we are doing at school, and give ideas for things to try at home.

September Character Traits

Kindness Empathy

Positivity Confidence Respect

All School Activity

Our all school activity for September will be creating a Kindness Tree in our commons area. We hope to have people add acts of kindness they receive or witness to the tree throughout the month of September. Stop by when you are in the building to read the amazing kindness ripples that are flowing through our community. If you receive or see something kind feel free to add a leaf.

Thank You!

Thank you to all of the families that filled out our Lifelong Learning Standards Parent/Guardian Survey. The winners of a reserved parking spot for our winter concert on December 21st are:

4K -The family of Forest Swan

K - The family of Crosby Abel

1st - The family of Hoyt Colby

2nd - The family of Charlotte Weaver

3rd - The family of JoJo LaFrancois

4th - The family of Azure Jensen

5th - The family of Owen Bratley

6th - The family of Amelia Croteau

Nourished Bodies and Nourished Minds

As a green and healthy school district we believe in the power of nourishing our bodies with food and activities that makes us feel our best. Part of lifelong learning is determining which foods and activities make us feel healthy and strong, and which make us feel sluggish and tired. In an effort to help you find foods and activities that make you feel your best we will include recipes or activities to try in our newsletters.

Meat and Cheese Cucumber Sandwiches


1 cucumber

Several slices of deli lunch meat

Several slices of cheese


-Peel and slice the cucumber

-Cut your deli meat and cheese slices about the size of your cucumber slices

-Lay a slice of cucumber on a plate. Place a slice of cheese then a slice of meat on top of the cucumber. Lay a final slice of cucumber on top.

-Pick it up and eat it like a sandwich.


Feel free to play around with ingredients depending on dietary needs.

Lifelong Learning

Contact Rachel Pufall with questions about the Lifelong Learning program, or to submit content for future newsletters. We would love to publish stories about things families are trying at home to support lifelong learning.