Banknote Artist

Federal Reserve Bank

Job Description

The Federal Reserve Bank is taking applications for the 10-year Banknote Artist internship program. Applicants should have an interest in "making money," strong drawing skills, highly disciplined work habits, an attention to detail, and not mind that the US government will own the artist's creative work.

Desired Skills

  • Hand sketching
  • Advanced Adobe Creative Suite knowledge
  • Familiarity with computer aided design software
  • Excellent researcher
  • Strong collaboration and communication skills

Education (or experience)

Applicants must submit a transcript showing completion of a 4-year art college program. A portfolio of artwork must be presented with the application. The portfolio should include samples of sketches, detailed drawings, engravings or intaglio, and computer rendered artwork.

Salary and Location

This full-time position is in-house at the Federal Reserve Bank in Philadelphia PA. Starting salary for the internship program is $30K with advancement bonuses and cost-of-living increases each year. The internship program provides a comprehensive benefits package including healthcare, 401K, and paid vacation and personal days.