Stop Cyberbullying 2K14

This event is a seminar for adults, and a movie for the students.

We will hear from some great speakers about cyber bullying. Did you Know that...

- Common risk factor of being a target of cyberbullying are: low self esteem, very anxious, perceived as weak, considered weird or different by the population.

-Kid who end up being bullied suffer from depression as well as there gap goes down, along with their interest in school.

-SIgns that some children are getting bullied are, the have unexplainable bruises, lost or destroyed clothing, and lots of headaches all of the sudden.

- Here are some resources if you as parents want more answers and can not attend the night,

Common Sense Media

OLWEUS bullying prevention

Stop Cyberbullying 2K14

Thursday, Dec. 4th, 6:30pm

Wheeling, IL, United States

Wheeling, IL