Second Grade News

Team Graybill

What's Happening in Room 212

Reader's Workshop: We completed our non-fiction unit and shared our research topic with our kindergarten buddies! The students worked very hard on their poster to present and put a lot of work into the entire project! We are now going to start mystery book clubs. The students will get a chance to put on their detective cap and solve some mysteries.

Writer's Workshop: We wrapped up our informational unit with a publishing party on April 4th. I can't wait for you to read your child's information piece about their topic of choice. The students were challenged to tie their topic into force and motion (which was our science topic at the time). This week we have started our fictional writing unit! This one is usually so much fun for the students and really lets their creativity shine!

Math: We have finished Topic 13 and 14. Topic 13 covered coins and Topic 14 covered adding and subtracting money. We will begin our unit all about Telling Time on Monday!

Science: We continue to learn all about simple machines!

Terra Nova Testing will begin on April 12th and end on April 15th. We begin testing each day at 9:00.

Publishing Party!

Specials Schedule

Monday: Art

Tuesday: Music

Wednesday: Media

Thursday: P.E.

Friday: Art

Save the Dates!

4/12 - 4/15 Terra Nova Testing for 2nd grade

4/14 Early Release Day

4/20 Spirit Day

4/28 Career Day

Synergizing in our Non-Fiction Book Clubs