Forensic Evidence: Bloood

By: Stille,Darlene R.

Main Idea

i that the main idea about this book . to me i think that the book is to inform you on how forensic scientist test blood.

5 pieces of information

  • at the crime scene -the investigators look for anything suspicious around the house. they also look for hair,blood,and finger prints
  • crime lab-forensic scientist analyze the date given to them by the police.
  • testing blood- the police found blood on a knife and in the knife they found two types of blood AB and B .
  • you can test blood-by using three different types of chemicals to find out what type of blood you are.
  • after putting the evidence together the police can find out who did the crime .

Text Features

  • table of contents
  • captions
  • pictures
  • index
  • glossary
  • Boldface letters


My personal reaction to this book was that it was going to be very boring but after i read it i thought that it was very informational. And i learned a lot of new things.i give this book a 5 star rating.i think that everyone should check out this book.

Things That I Learned

  • if theirs a large amount of blood in one certain spot it was because they were hit with something heavy.
  • if there are tiny amount of blood separated everywhere it was most likely a gunshot.
  • X and Y chromosomes can only be found in female blood.
  • X chromosomes can only be found in male blood .
  • most adults have 10 pints of blood (4.7 liters) in there body's
  • DNA can be found in nails,hair,skin, and blood.
  • blood clots can be formed when your blood flow stops and your body pulls the blood closer to gravity.