ABS Administrative Monitor Updates


Effective February 8, 2016

Please plan to meet with me 2:30 on Friday afternoon to discuss the items below.

Uniform Issues - Please refer students who are in violation of the dress code to administration. (Use formal referral to document)

1st Offense - Warning

2nd Offense - ISD for 1 period (PE)

3rd Offense - Formal Referral to administration

Goal Keepers

Continue to collect Goal Keepers on Monday. If a student fails to return his/her form on Monday, contact the parent by phone and document the contact in a Google Doc. If you are unable to reach the parent, please try to make contact prior to the end of the school day. Please send the written communication form to the parent on Monday afternoon to inform the parent.

Additional Reading and Mathematics Support

You and I will collaborate on which students need to be pulled for a read aloud practice session and/or math review. Document the students who are pulled in a Google Doc and indicate if they worked on reading or mathematics.

Schedule Weekly Celebration

Provide incentives for students who put forth effort and make documented progress.