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Want to expand your learning with an online course?

What courses do we offer?

Business: Business Law, Consumer Economics, Video Game Design, Web Design

English: African-American Literature

Fine Arts: Introduction to Music Theory
Mathematics: Algebra II, Geometry
Physical Education: Health
Science: Introduction to Sustainable Energy
Social Studies: American Government, AP Human Geography, Psychology, US History

How and when do you access your course?

You may access your course whenever and wherever you prefer including using your computer or one at the school. Courses exist virtually inside the Canvas learning management system.

Many students work on their course during a study hall or an options period. Other students have an early or late release from school. Some students choose to work on their course in the mornings, afternoons, evenings or weekends. Regardless, the online course provides you with more freedom to learn according to your schedule.

What does the online environment look like?

Courses are structured similarly to face-to-face classes including a sequence of learning with set deadline dates generated by the teacher. You will communicate with your teacher and peers in a variety of ways including but not limited to discussion boards, email, chat sessions, phone or virtual conferences. Also, all coursework exists online and you do not have to report to a specific physical location nor log in at set times.

How do I register for a course?

You may enroll in a course during your school's normal registration process. There are no extra costs to register for the course and each course has the same impact on your transcript and G.P.A. as your face-to-face classes. You may visit your counselor or the eLo website for additional information and answers to questions.

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