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What is V2K

It is a non-profit, organization that was originally established to provide gang intervention and prevention services. Since that time, we have come to believe that community intervention services are needed now more than ever to combat gang-related violence, the destruction of our communities, and the loss of our young people to the lure of economic depravity.

How They Help

They focus on success for the youth since in this era the youth is mostly a target for corruption and bad things happening.utilize lectures, group counseling, leadership training, field trips and mentoring. Plus tutoring, job development, job training and job placement

Some Statistics

  • One Third of the Victims were not involved with a Violent Gang.
  • The Median Age of the Victims was 21.
  • The Gang related death rate of African American males, ages 15-19, Tripled.
  • The Gang related death rate of Latino makes, Ages 15-19, increased 30%.
  • Less than 5% of Gang related deaths were related to Narcotics Trafficking.
  • Guns were used in 95% of Gang related killings.
  • The use of semiautomatic handguns in these killings increased by more than 40%.


Please Support this program to keep the community safe and help people who need help. Any amount would be a great donation!!!