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Site Spotlight- Gotham

From Mr. Horosky:

373K at Gotham Arts Academy is a transitional site for 12:1:1 students aged 18 to 21 where we prepare them for evolving workplace and community experiences . Our priority at Gotham is post secondary outcomes, such as agency acquisition, OPWDD services and supported employment. At Gotham we also prepare our students social emotional needs through physical movement such as yoga and tai chi training, student support groups, and a myriad community-based counseling services through our staff. Students in turn have a unique opportunity to explore multiple career paths, and discover their passion and purpose in life.

a day in the life of gotham

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Gotham design lab

Co Op Tech Tour

From Mr. Wrights:

Students at Gotham explored opportunities outside of the walls of their home school in preparation to transition into their larger community. A group of twenty motivated and success-driven students took a tour to the School of Cooperative Technical Education to explore traditional trades along with a variety of state-of-the-art technology courses. Courses of interest were: culinary arts, graphic design, information technology, unisex hair styling, electrical installation, and plumbing. The students were able to visit the different programs and were in awe seeing their peers in action. All of the students were thrilled about the tour and could not stop talking about their experiences.

dance at gotham/Field trip to the Joyce Theater

From Mr. Wizoreck:

As a graduate of Hunter College's Dance Education program, I have been the grateful recipient, for the second time, of a generous stipend from the Arnhold Foundation. This year I used the money to bring all of our Gotham students and staff to see two performances at the Joyce Theatre in Manhattan. Friday the 17th we all went to see the Parsons Dance company. It was a lovely day and we all had great fun. As part of our association with the Joyce, one of their teaching artists, Paul Thompson, has been working with me and my dance students. Paul and I have worked together to teach our students some of Parson's choreography after which the students then made their own dances similar to what they learned from us. On April 27th, we will go to the Joyce Theatre again to watch the Martha Graham Dance Company. Paul Thompson will help me to integrate some of Martha Graham's technique into our dance program in preparation for seeing the performance. I look forward to another Gotham wide outing! The artwork displays the Gotham dance students' memories of the Parsons performance. I think they really captured their feelings of the day beautifully!

Gotham Ice Cream Lab

From Mr. Tomlinson:

During our ELA podcast we began learning the structural component of rolled ice cream. Students shopped for ingredients, learned the technique and science of ice cream making and rolled ice cream. Attached are pictures of Jaylen rolling ice cream and teaching emergent learners the technique.

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Ice Cream Lab 6 1
Ice Cream Lab 4 1

Gotham AHRC hits the city

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signing in

A reminder, when you scan in the morning, please do so AFTER you have purchased breakfast, coffee, or any other outside items. If you are due at work at 8 am, but scan in at 7:55 am then leave to get coffee- you are not on time. Instead, you are leaving students unsupervised while you run an errand. . The work day starts at 8:00 am. No exceptions unless you have an approved amended schedule. This policy is memorialized in our handbook- see below:

Page 7

Staff must be at their assignments, ready to begin work by the site’s start time. Signing in at the site’s start time means that you will be late arriving at your assignment. Eating and drinking at this time impedes your ability to effectively supervise children and is not permitted.

Once you have scanned in, you are officially on duty and may not leave to go move your car or conduct other personal business.

Read on with MyON

From Mr. Tomlinson:

Good Morning P373K!! I hope everyone is having an amazing Friday! I am here with your weekly update as we are approaching the end of our March MADNESS reading challenge!!

Our Top Readers are .....

  1. Ms. Javid
  2. Ms. Laird
  3. Ms. Summers
  4. Ms. Anne
  5. Ms. Hackett

Ms. Javid took Ms. Laird's spot this week!

If you are looking to take the top spot this week, ASSIGN some homework on MYON! It's the perfect cheat code to beat Ms. Javid. Don't tell her I told you that though (It's a SECRET!)

We are going into our last week of this challenge and Mrs. Rattenbury is eager to reward your class with a pizza party ! Do your thing and I hope that you come out on top. May the reading minutes be in your favor!

Spa/SYEP/Parent survey event

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Summers recognized by Touro College

Khalilah Summers, our Coding and Robotics teacher, was honored by her alma mater, Touro College, for outstanding STEM Education. Here are some pictures from the profile.
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Medgar Transition- Learning to clean with no streaks!

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Ms. Bryant's BTC shredders

Joseph and Jezebel

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Tik Tok- 1 week!

See Mr. Brian to get your tickets to Cinderfella!
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First drone shot!

First drone shoot

behind the scenes

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Shout Out

From Mr. Charles:

I want to give a huge shout out to Alex! One of my most improved students. He was able to independently beat match and mix two songs in class and it was incredible!

Take a look at the video below.

Song of the Week

One week to go! Looking forward to Cinderfella's opening number, our very own interpretation of Shakiera's Waka Waka (This Time for Africa).

Make sure you buy your tickets and join us for the world premiere on March 31st!

Shakira - Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) (The Official 2010 FIFA World Cup™ Song)