Percy Jackson-The Last Olympian

Rick Riordan

The Last Olympian

This is a great book about Greek mythology. In the fifth book of the Percy Jackson series, Percy has to lead Camp Half-Blood into war with Kronos and his army of monsters to stop them from destroying Mt.Olympus and Manhattan. Kronos is the Titan lord. He is very powerful, and he ruled before the Gods. He was destroyed, but monsters and some half-bloods helped him re-form. The problem is that the Gods are away fighting Typhon, so the half bloods have to defend Olympuus alone. Typhon is the worst monster ever, and he has escaped from his prison under a volcano. He is also trying to destroy Olympus. The Gods can barely even slow down Typhon, because Hades wont help, Hermes is defending Olympus, and Poseidon is fighting his own war in the sea. The book is mostly about the war, but it has lots of funny parts too. My favorite part in this book is the happy ending, when the gods offer to make Percy immortal, and Grover's dream comes true. Don't you want to know if Percy said yes to becoming a god?


I read all five books of this series and I love them all. The Last Olympian has 4.8 stars and very good reviews. One person said "The last Olympian is one of the best books I have ever read. The storyline was perfect."


This is a good fiction book that has characters with powers, but without fairies and princesses, so it is a good book for anyone.


This is a very good book that many kids love. It is written very well so when you read it you feel like you are in the book. Sometimes it is hard to find books this good, so you should read THIS one!