Marijuana Legalization

Jorge Ramirez

Should Marijuana Be Legal?

No it shouldn't be legalized because it gives a bad example for children, its addicted and it causes life problems

Bad Examples To Minors

if marijuana was legalized, the increase in users would be both large and rapid with subsequent increases in addiction. People will start buying a lot of marijuana, Kids will be watching people smoking marijuana in public and they will think its okay.

The First Stage Of Drug Addiction

Marijuana should be illegal because its a first step to other drugs. Marijuana users will think that sniffing cocaine or doing heroine will be the same as smoking marijuana. This is why is should remain illegal. It can slowly kill you. Marijuana can be so powerful due to the chemicals it has in it and it can make you get addicted into other drugs.

Life Problems

It Can cause you problems. Your Not gonna be able to keep a job. It is a lack of energy. It can make problems worst because the drug is so addictive that it can control your life. It slows down your thinking, It effects your brain and it can cause negative impact on developing your brain.


Marijuana should remain illegal because people will waste their money on it. It will interfeir with their jobs and school. And it will make kids think that smoking marijuana in public is okay.


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